We forgot about the blankets

I totally believe in the Mayors Aid

Also the professor is a Tiefling?

While leaving the inn, see the guards carrying a goblin and a human corpse. The goblin tried to escape and killed a guard, and was then killed himself.
IT BECAME A ZOMBIE and killed two more guards! Right in front of us!

Failed Arcana check from Thaele
Successful Religion check from Puck!
On the inside of his wrist is a marking that is common for if you’ve either been blessed or cursed

Thaele recognized the mark, since he is a necromancer, as being the mark of another necromancer. They arnt specific to any particular wizard, just general curse marks that any old necromancer could use.

Thaele drew a rough copy of the mark to research later, to see if there is anything special about it that he has forgotten.

Thaele and Puck studied the water of the Oasis and determined that it was infected! Some sort of bacteria that was affecting the minds of the populace. The group vowed to boil all water before drinking it.
Head of the Uni walks by and asks if we’ve seen professor Zela. Prof Zela is the one who was so excited about the Mines being discovered and tried to run off immediately. It seems she is missing now…of course she ran off to the mines alone. She was supposed to be teaching a class right now. Gajin volunteers to teach the class, claiming expertise in the field of Elven Archaeology, but then he just stands there staring into space.

Thaele did a bit of minor shopping, sold a crossbow bought a couple little things, and then stopped by the Town Hall on the way to the ruins. Thaele told him about the water and asked if there were any kind of reward for clearing out the Mines. Assistant said something to the effect of, “Oh yeah I will totally tell everyone about the water, and we definitely have the mines taken care of, you dont need to go there at all for anything”
Mayors Assistant totally seemed like he was not evil at all and was definitely helpful and not a lying bitch. But Thaele completely believed him, and nobody else was there, so theres that!

Onward to the Ruins!

When we get there, fresh new footprints, and a horse outside!
We go in and we find…

Female tiefling professor named Zela is there, being attacked by…

Zombies! Exact same goblins we killed the other day, on their wrist is the same marking as before!

Zela insists on coming along, nearly walks to her death into the trap we set up,but we managed to stop her and explain to her how to get across safely. She then stops just after the trap to study the tomb.

The rest of us go downstairs behind the out of place tapestry.

Tracks that go up to the north out of sight, and a mining cart on top of the tracks.
Cart seems to work. We follow the tracks a bit on foot rather than riding the cart.

There is a room with broken floors, with deep pits into blackness. We could faintly hear running water at the bottom,but its a long drop.

Gajin gets in the minecart and SHOVES off! [nat20] SUPER FAST.Puck and Thaele try to jump into the minecart, but only Puck makes it, and even then only with Gajins help. Those two speed off into the darkness ahead, Puck with his torch still lit it seems. Thaele gets out some rope and a 10 foot pole and manages to acrobat his way across the tracks that lead over a gaping chasm,but hes pretty far behind the other two.

Gajin and Puck in the minecart go speeding down the path, and eventually get to the end of the track over another pit! They do some crazy epic jumping and rolling and such and land just fine. Gajin attacks a zombie on the way down and manages to kill it just fine. Meanwhile Thaele is walking slowly and stealthily up the tracks, on his way since he is moving slower he notices a bunch of zombies mining.

Thaele sees a Hobgoblin shoot a goblin with a crossbow, and just after that Puck emerges from a path that connected where the party had landed themselves. Gajin joins shortly after that. Thaele makes a shushing motion and uses minor illusion to show a hobgoblin and then points behind him..Puck gets it but Gajin attacks the illusion and shouts, which draws the attention of the actual Hobgoblin.

FITE! Thaele goes first and misses terribly, and is then shot with a bolt.
Gajin and Puck handle the Hobgoblin named Hobby just fine. They question him a bit, and he says…
Us:“Why did you kill that goblin?”

Him: “i had to , he took it from me i had to get it back” At this point Thaele goes to the goblin and inspects the corpse and finds a trinket.

why mining: “kodrid is making us. define alive. define zombie” hasnt even seen kordrid, just gotten orders. “we;ve been cursed, we have to obey our orders or we…” and he has the mark on his wrist
He then tells us the trinket is one of the keys used to open the gate to the lower levels? And that the other overseers have the other keys.

Puck puts his hands on Hobbys face and uses holy fire to melt the poor things face right off, and then Gajin decapitates it.


Shows Kordrid burying whosits pride. Its hidden underground,sitll dont know what the ‘pride’ is
End Session.



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