We forgot about the blankets

Kordrids Ghost

Also a bone dragon

So the group just killed another Hobgoblin and got the last keystone.

We walk a bit,check out the last place we had not explored yet on this floor…we find zombies! Sneak past one, roll initiative for the other 3. Thaele won, and as his first action he uses Minor Illusion to order the zombies to “ignore the visitors and keep mining” It worked! Thaele told the rest of the party to leave them be, that we’d get them on the way out and maybe we’d have more gems by then. Thaele then took the pile of gems they had collected so far.

Onward to the statues and door.
Thaele investigates the statues with the arms, and the orbs. There are patterns from the orbs that match the statues hands with like rivets. Both blue orbs go to statues, red orb to the wall. Apparently putting them in wrong would have turned the statues into golems.

Open the doors and stairs going down a level!

Pile of goblin corpses. No normal sword wounds or anything, mostly giant bite marks, swipes from claws. No curse mark like the others so not going to turn on their own. Was unable to identify the type of creature that made the marks.

Next room door thing, more dwarven writing and murals.

tells of kordrid taking the ‘pride’ down to the mines, picture once in a while but no image of the pride.

the Keeper, Kordrid, buried the Pride, because it seemed to be dangerous and he didnt want it falling into the wrong hands.

Al with the nat 20 perception notices that this floor seems to be MUCH more intact, more clean and pristine, no mining against the walls, more like living quarters, almost as if time has not affected this floor of the mines.

Another room.

One wall has a mural, another walll is secrety fake, doesnt quite touch the ceilign

Gajin tries to break, Puck does acrobat sort of leap to try and jump to the top of the wall and hit the secret latch, Thaele does mage hand to do the same thing, Thaele wins and is able to lower the false wall, Puck and Gajin fall forward. Gajin believes that he just did a really good job on the wall with his pick.

Behind is a very ornate dagger, with a red glow, looks like its 2 points on the end of it, they cross over at the very end. Extremely beautiful and ornate. AND HOT. the metal look like it was about to burst into flame, the handle wasnt quite as red but it still would burn

Thaele mage handed it into a scroll case so that he could carry it safely.

Lit torches in each room, light coming out from underneath each door

Through the next room we hear goblins talking. Thaele has a plan: Use Minor Illusion again to trick some goblins into running into an ambush. He says something like “One of the goblins stole a key! I need your help chasing him down! No time to explain just help!”
One goblin came out almost immediately. Gajin murders him very quickly, then slides the corpse into the corner. Thaele steps out and uses prestidigitation to clean the blood off the floor then hides again.
So when the next goblin comes out theres no immediate attention grabbing thing,so one more surprise round. 2nd goblin gets murdered, then initiative.

More goblins and a Hobgoblin who was apparently Hobbys gay fiance. Puck summoned a spirit weapon in the form of Hobbys face and used it to bash the hobgoblin. We killed them all hooray!

Puck ran ahead and found some sort of spirit! A wraith, tts a dwarf though rather than a goblin.

Looks like kordrid kind of? As we kill it, it screams that turns into a warm sigh of relief, the non-corporeal wraith begins to corporealize and turn into a corpse, sort of halfway between, he turns to us and says “Thank you for releasing my spirit finally after all these years” Still transitioning
Puck uses Spare the Dying to buy us some more time to talk to him.

Thaele: whats with the dagger
Kordrid: old dagger of mine, because it was magical when i was brought back i hid it behind that wall so it wouldnt be used against me. Only dwarves can use it

Ask about the pride
Tried burying it to get it away, but its dangerous, not meant for….(trailed off. Assume ‘mortals’?)

When asked about the gold,“Help me to stop the one from getting the pride, I will release the curse on my gold”

Hes very tired, disturbed, just wants to stop whoevers getting the pride
return it to the tomb please

“The one trying to get to the pride, it was his brother. "
“kings brother?”
‘no you fool, the Pride, it was an egg, an unhatched dragons egg’
“Delden, my king, his lands were plagued by an evil black dragon named Vola, she plagued the lands for hundreds of years. When he came to be king, it was his goal to stop Vola. He sent out an expedition to her Sanctuary on the volcano far to the east, got to the mouth, and eventually defeated her. In her sanctuary he discovered 4 unhatched eggs, 3 were immediately destroyed, but one was taken as a prize and marker of his greatest achievement, and named it his Pride.
One of the eggs however was hatched already, it went far to the north. Right now you must stop the brother of the pride from getting the egg, who knows what untold horrors he will unleash with it, we must stop it from being hatched. I put a powerful spell on it to keep it safe and to stop it from hatching, a spell that stopped time. (might be a spellbook around, says he doesnt know if its been preserved) Ancient magic was more powerful but less refined. The egg itself was frozen in time, but those even near the egg were also affected. The closer you are the slower time moves. You can not get close to it or you will stop.

Kordrid wants us to just stop the dragon and leave the spell in place.
Thaele points out that even if we left the egg alone, that the nearby university will never stop, and that Kordrid has to make a choice: Us or Them.

Kordrid sighs and says something to the effect of, “if you give me your word that you will protect the egg, i will tell you how to break the spell after you defeat the wyrmling, I know someone who can protect the egg afterward”

Puck,Gajin,and Thaele agree and make an oath. Al makes no such oath and just kind of leaves the conversation at that point.

Thaele:“any traps etc”

“yes, still many goblins inhabiting this place. When the brother came to retrieve the pride, he found that the ruins were full of goblins, so he killed many and cursed the rest until they finally submitted to his will. We were all unwilling servants”

Thaele asks, no passwords or codephrases

Puck finds 2 books! extremely well preserved. He ignored them, but Thaele checks them out.
One is an old recipe book, ancient dwarven recipes. Part of a kitchen.
2nd one is a ledger, plan for all the ancient dwarves, where they were gonna mine, work schedules and things.

both very valuable to historians.

Thaele takes them, surreptitiously, and then discreetly hides them away somewhere safe so that Gajin doesnt find them and ruin them, with plans to sell them and split the profit later.

Pile of goblin weapons and armor in the corner to inspect on the way out.

Puck finds a broom closet, tries to trick and coerce Zela into it. No worky. Zela runs to Gajin for some reason, apparently hes been nice to her?

Puck runs into the next room to jump on a bed.

Turns out there was a sleeping goblin in here. Puck jumped right on his face or something. Thaele crit missed and hit Puck. Many sads.
Goblin was killed before he could really do anything though.

More sleeping goblins

Gajin takes one out, Puck rushes in, jumps on the bed, swings from a Chandelier and lands on the last goblin, breaking the chandelier in the process.

Chandelier thats pretty damaged and in several pieces, Thaele put it with the other goblin armor

Thaele finds 1 goblin was hiding a pouch of 25 silver under his bed.

puck gets a pillow, Thaele cleans it for him with magic.

more doors and hallways
We finally come to the last room, open up the door and…

Undead skeletal wyrmling in the other corner of the room.

A giant dragon egg floating above a 3×3 hole/pit stopped in time.
There is chanting in draconic but so slow that we dont recognize it

Thus endeth the session



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