We forgot about the blankets

New Teammate!

Also Gajin totally stabbed Puck

New Player! Amanda/Al.

Al was hiding out in the ruins after a failed attempt at stealing an artifact from the University. She was just watching us for a while….

The KEYSTONE that we…obtained last session: Looks like tigers eye but fiery and red

We see two stone statues that have a hand out, palm up, and a door with a hole in it. Gajin approaches it and suddenly a voice from behind warns him to look for traps. The two argue a bit, Thaele is disconcerted that his Elf ears failed him by not hearing this apparent rogue. He and Puck stay back and watch the debate over checking or not checking for traps. Al finally wins and looks it over, finds nothing of note.

The three party members and the Rogue move forward a bit and see a room.

Dead Goblin, surrounded by spider webs, shiney things on table

And of course, with spiderwebs come…SPIDERS!
FITE! Puck is knocked out, poisoned, and paralyzed for an hour. Thaele mostly gets over his fear of spiders in that he manages to help kill them,but he keeps his distance while they are alive.
After the two spiders are dead, Puck needs some time to wake up and Gajin and Al need to patch themselves up, so SHORT REST. During the short rest, Thaele pulls out a flask and, with as much help from Mage Hand as possible, collects some spider venom.
He then performs detect magic ritual and inspects the room, finding a dead goblin that the spiders had been snacking on, a silver dagger and silver shortsword and a gold bar on the table.
He puts the gold bar in his bag and offers the dagger to Al and the sword to Gajin, but Gajin scoffs at the idea of using such a thing, so instead Thaele kept the dagger and offered the shortsword to Al, as well as the dead goblins own standard dagger.

Dagger and shortsword, made from silver. Decorative,but probably still good to fight with.
50 silver from goblin,

Puck woke up after being poisoned and paralyzed and unconscious and healed himself up. Thaele cleaned him off with Prestidigitation.
Move forward a bit.
Around a corner we see a hobgoblin directing zombie miners, and a rickety ladder bridge.
Gajin, Al, and Thaele each come up with a separate plan. Al goes with her plan, despite Thaele thinking they should use his, but it worked beautifully. Al managed to steal a pouch from the Hobgoblin and tie his shoes together without him noticing, and get back to the other side.

Once across, she tells the group of some gems. Gajin immediately goes up the ramp and hucks an axe. He misses. Puck cast some magic, but also missed.
Al lays down some ball bearings. Puck uses Sacred Flame to attack a zombie, and manages to turn it into a crawler. Thaele uses Minor Illusion to command the zombie to attack the Hobgoblin, by speaking in a hobgoblin voice in goblin language. It works!

Gajin climbs up a wall and awaits something to get to the other side of the ladder, since its all ranged at this point.

Puck uses Command to order the Hobgoblin to “approach”, which it attempts to do, nearly falling into the pit, but not quite. However at this point the Crawler that Thaele ordered to attack him, does just that. Because his shoes are tied, he falls into the pit!
Thiefyness and magic prevail! Teamwork! Except for Gajin who mostly just stood there for this fight.

Thaele then orders the zombie to go into the pit, which it does. We hear a splash when the two bodies hit the bottom, and assume that the towns oasis is now going to be tainted with zombie corpse, if it wasnt already.

Gajin runs forward…forgetting about the ballbearings.
Gajin somehow doesnt fall on his face. Gets to the other side to attack some zombies. Puck joins him. Gajin misses the zombie and stabs Puck! D=
The zombies do the same thing to each other, and fight each other while ignoring the rest of the group. After they are dead….

Gajin scoops up 5 gems. 2 rubies, 2 saphires, and an unrecognized gem

Zombies are goblins and all have marks on their arms

Pouch contains: 2nd orb! Looks the same as the first one

Puck requested a rest, and Gajin suggested camping out on the far end of the rickety bridge and removing the ladder so that nothing could get across. The group did so. After his trance, Thaele heard voices in the dark, hobgoblins saying “quitting time, lets head down” or something to that effect. Thaele managed to use Minor Illusion to speak in Hobgoblin voice well enough to buy the party enough time to complete their rest, but just barely. After the voice came back and said it was going to get the boss, Thaele woke up the party..

We climb up the ladder (except puck who jumped on gajin and then onto the edge)
Sneak our way forward a bit.
We see a goblin, presumably the one who was speaking earlier, on his way towards the next section of the mine.
Gajin jumps down and impales a goblin! Thaele uses minor illusion to distract the goblin giving gajin advantage. DEAD. Puck tries to stand on gajins shoulders (who is himself on the goblins shoulders) but he instead knocks everyone over.

Puck is squeamish about the body, Gajin doesnt care.

The group loots the corpse, and then…
Run into Prof Zela, who drags a body away upon Gajins request. She leaves it right by the door though so a lot of good that did.

Thaele: Half a healing potion (1d4+1) from the impaled goblin.
scroll in dwarvish: you are in charge of section B, make sure the miners work until midnight

We continue onward. Stirges! and some dead zombles and a dead goblin who isnt a zombie yet. Puck really hates stirges. The group kills them, with Thaele doing virtually nothing this time, but the stirges all die in the end.

More orders! Guard section D.

More gems.

A little ways ahead of that, the group sees zombie miners and another Hobgoblin.
Al starts off with a zombie. Thaele puts the hobgoblin to sleep. At this point Brail disconnects and doesnt know what happens next, but it ends with a level up!

Total Group Loot This session: 3 rubies, 2 sapphires, 2 peridots, 1 tigerseye, and 3 bluish gold nuggets unknown, 1 gold bar, 50 silver.

Level 3 achieved!



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