We forgot about the blankets

The Mayor is a jerk

Also we found a mirror

The group started out in a small desert trade town called Kordrid. It’s built around a small oasis, in what were Dwarven lands long ago, not too far from a volcano. A university was established in Kordrid to study the many nearby ruins, attracting many historians and archaeologists. Lately, three students have not returned. The mayor offered a reward for anyone who could bring them back.

The group went to the Mayor’s house but he was rude and impatient. Eventually, he did give the group some basic info. The students have been gone for two days. One day is common, but two is not—they’d probably be running low on supplies. They were good students, doing research on the three ruins scattered outside the town. They hadn’t found much yet. The Mayor told the group to talk to his assistant to discuss a reward or to go to the university for more info on the students.

The group chose to go to the university and spoke with the the head of the school, Mannie.
They learned that all 3 students were humans, top of their class, working on a dissertation on ancient mines supposedly buried beneath the ruins. They had studied two of the ruins already, and were working on a third below a sand dune due east. Mannie offered to help by scribbling a note to the item-shop owner, Diza. “Give this to Diza and he’ll give you whatever he can spare to help you rescue the students."

The group went to the item shop next. Diza, another human, greets them. When he read the note from Mannie, he gave the group three water skins and a potion of healing. He wished the group luck. They filled the water skins at the oasis and left town.

At the ruins, the group found tracks! Investigation checks revealed human footprints but also something unknown. The architecture was very ancient and crumbling, but clearly Dwarven. Murals and inscriptions covered the walls. Sand was everywhere, so they could barely see the floor.

To the right, they killed two dire rats and a cave rat that were chewing on a human corpse. The corpse had an arrow in its back… Next to the corpse was a journal. Cautiously, they opened it and read it. It was an historian’s journal that seems to belong to the corpse. The room they were in was a storage room with lots of broken pickaxes and shovels. A quick search yields them a working wheelbarrow that seems out of place among all the ancient, half-disintegrated tools.

The group took the mysterious arrow and the journal, wrote a description down of the corpse, and went into the next room. It was a large room with lots of spider webs and cobwebs. There was another corpse to the right, lying in front of a beautiful mirror. Above the mirror was a carving of a medusa and a Dwarven inscription that read: “If vanity be thy sin, thou shalt perish. If not, thou hast my blessing and my boon.” History check! Medusa was said to be so vain that the first time she caught her reflection in a mirror, she couldn’t look away, eventually starving to death. The group figured looking in the mirror would be…dangerous.

The fighter and mage walked through the room blindfolded, both tripping over the corpse and falling through the mirror! On the other side, they found a chest.

Inside the chest is a lot of disintegrated paper and scrolls, some of them looked like they were once valuable and ornate. There is also a giant ruby necklace.

Puck was charmed by the mirror and took 2 points of damage.
2nd corpse, still no ID, but another journal. Talks about a bunch of murals from a room we havnt gotten to.

Giant spiders!
Killed them. Turns out Thaele is afraid of them.
Puck nearly died.
Killed spiders, took a short rest, identified amulet somewhat, and did arcane recovery.

Traps! Pressure plates that caused blades to come out of slits in the walls and the floor. Pressure plates were covered by sand though. Puck used Thaumaturgy to cause minor tremors which shook most of the sand into the slits, showing the path more clearly. With Pucks keen eye the three were able to make it through.

Next room.

Kodrid the Keeper on a tomb in front of us, above us on the ceiling is written something about Kordin the King giving Kodrid something.

Tombs top is a bit crooked, not straight. With the help of his crowbar, Gajin is able to silently move the rather heavy top off the tomb.
It was empty.
Thaele had an idea and so checked for secret compartments!
1000g pieces hidden in the tomb but its cursed! We resealed the compartment and took mental note of it for later.

A little ways ahead, climb over some rocks…
goblins vs stirge!
Puck takes out the leader goblin in one hit. Gajin takes out a 2nd one likewise. Thaele puts the last goblin and the stirge into a magical sleep, which Puck takes advantage of. He walks up, touches them, and they burn to death.
LOOT: thaele Shortbow 6 arrows(5 on goblin1 from the students back), shortsword, 2 daggers, crossbow, 5 bolts. Puck: Shortbow 5 arrows

searching the goblins. Find a scroll on the leader, written in goblin.
Orders to defend the entrance to the mines from Kordrids tomb.

Tapestry! non-dwarven, long dark entrance into darkness into we cant see where. Prob into Kordrids mines, which are almost certainly full of goblins.

Tapestry is worth 2g.

The group didnt feel like they were in the best shape to go into a goblin filled mineshaft, so they pondered what to do in the meantime. Gajin had the idea of moving the mirror so that it would trap the goblins. Thaele had the idea of piling the corpses up in front of the mirror so that when it fell it wouldnt break, and to place it at the end of the trap instead of in front of the mines entrance.

They pile the students corpses up in the wheelburrow and start heading back to town.Goblin leader wakes up. Gajin tries to intimidate him but it didnt work. Puck used his Thaumaturgy to make his voice boom three times as loud, which got the little goblin to speak up.
Goblin leader very afraid. Whispers “kodrid” hes afraid of him. “We have to listen or he will kill us” or something to that effect

Back to town, assistant mayor, deliver corpses, everyones very sad, asking whats going on, they see the goblin prisoner. Mayor doesnt seem to care.

Assistant comes up and says, “what did you find” hears the explanation, gives us each 100g, takes the corpses out to the cemetary.

crowd disapates.

Professor wanted to go east to the ruins when he heard we found the entrance to the mines,but we barely convinced him to wait.

Guards took the goblin in,but as they didnt even know there were goblins around there was no bounty or anything,so no reward.

The group went to the inn, which is letting us stay for free as a thank you for our efforts, to ponder on what to do next.



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