Thaele Duskwalker

The Ghostcaller


Once black, his necromantic practices have turned his hair ghostly white. It is shoulder length. He is pale even by Elven standards.His eyes glimmer a bright purple.
Wearing a grey hooded cloak, with grey shirt and pants underneath. Pockets sewn into the front and back of each item.
Wearing a necklace of teeth , bound in braided leather.
A black backpack, filled with adventuring gear, ready to head into some undead creatures lair.
A smallish rune inscribed blue stained leather pouch attached to his belt.
Dark reddish black boots, the color of dried blood.
A ritual book, with leather covers, the spine of which appears to be a literal spine, hangs from his right side, hanging from his belt by a bit of chain.


Born to a mother who was an acolyte of Ioun, and a father who was a blacksmith. Grew up in a town comprised largely (though not entirely) of Half-Elves and elf/human couples. Thaele rarely spent time with other people, and preferred to immerse himself in books.

At the age of 90, he met a human woman named Selriana. The two met picking wild herbs, Selriana was looking for cooking ingredients, while Thaele was looking for alchemy ingredients to sell. It was love at first sight for both of them. After a year together, they were married.
Thaele worked as a scribe and apprentice alchemist, and had a great love of all things intellectual. His social skills were never really developed as he spent the majority of his free time reading.

10 years after meeting Selriana, tragedy struck. She came down with an illness that the village healers could not cure, or even identify. Many in the town had the same sickness, and all of them died mere days after the symptoms first started. Roughly 1/3rd of the town was wiped out this way.

Thaele turned to the clerics, but they could not revive her. The spell failed catastrophically, injuring those who attempted to revive any who died from the illness.

Thaele became nearly comatose in his grief, barely eating or drinking, he sat endlessly at Selrianas grave.

After a week of such behavior, he set his mind to find an answer. He applied and was accepted into a nearby wizard academy, where he learned the basics of magic.

And so Thaele took his first steps to becoming a necromancer. He apprenticed himself to a nearby wizard,Trogdor the Ever Burning, where he earned his keep by working as a scribe. Once he felt he was ready, he left the wizards tower in search of necromantic knowledge.

Since then he has created a unique item: His Bag of Ghosts. A literal bag full of the animi of a thousand dead creatures. There are no souls contained within, no consciousness, only the animus, the animating energy. However, binding himself to the bag took a toll. Thaeles skin because a nearly translucent shade of pale blue, drained all the color from his hair. Other effects are unknown. Thaele has kept the exact nature of the ritual used to create the bag a well guarded secret, having memorized it rather than written it down somewhere.

Member of The Rotting Hand Wizards Academy, part of the Arcane Hand Coalition
The Rotting Hand is the smallest of the group, with only a handful of Wizards acting as professors in the field of Necromancy. Even when legality is taken care of, people dont look kindly on necromancers, generally speaking. Thaele learned the basics of magic and of necromancy from his teacher at one such location.

Thaele Duskwalker

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