We forgot about the blankets

Kordrids Ghost
Also a bone dragon

So the group just killed another Hobgoblin and got the last keystone.

We walk a bit,check out the last place we had not explored yet on this floor…we find zombies! Sneak past one, roll initiative for the other 3. Thaele won, and as his first action he uses Minor Illusion to order the zombies to “ignore the visitors and keep mining” It worked! Thaele told the rest of the party to leave them be, that we’d get them on the way out and maybe we’d have more gems by then. Thaele then took the pile of gems they had collected so far.

Onward to the statues and door.
Thaele investigates the statues with the arms, and the orbs. There are patterns from the orbs that match the statues hands with like rivets. Both blue orbs go to statues, red orb to the wall. Apparently putting them in wrong would have turned the statues into golems.

Open the doors and stairs going down a level!

Pile of goblin corpses. No normal sword wounds or anything, mostly giant bite marks, swipes from claws. No curse mark like the others so not going to turn on their own. Was unable to identify the type of creature that made the marks.

Next room door thing, more dwarven writing and murals.

tells of kordrid taking the ‘pride’ down to the mines, picture once in a while but no image of the pride.

the Keeper, Kordrid, buried the Pride, because it seemed to be dangerous and he didnt want it falling into the wrong hands.

Al with the nat 20 perception notices that this floor seems to be MUCH more intact, more clean and pristine, no mining against the walls, more like living quarters, almost as if time has not affected this floor of the mines.

Another room.

One wall has a mural, another walll is secrety fake, doesnt quite touch the ceilign

Gajin tries to break, Puck does acrobat sort of leap to try and jump to the top of the wall and hit the secret latch, Thaele does mage hand to do the same thing, Thaele wins and is able to lower the false wall, Puck and Gajin fall forward. Gajin believes that he just did a really good job on the wall with his pick.

Behind is a very ornate dagger, with a red glow, looks like its 2 points on the end of it, they cross over at the very end. Extremely beautiful and ornate. AND HOT. the metal look like it was about to burst into flame, the handle wasnt quite as red but it still would burn

Thaele mage handed it into a scroll case so that he could carry it safely.

Lit torches in each room, light coming out from underneath each door

Through the next room we hear goblins talking. Thaele has a plan: Use Minor Illusion again to trick some goblins into running into an ambush. He says something like “One of the goblins stole a key! I need your help chasing him down! No time to explain just help!”
One goblin came out almost immediately. Gajin murders him very quickly, then slides the corpse into the corner. Thaele steps out and uses prestidigitation to clean the blood off the floor then hides again.
So when the next goblin comes out theres no immediate attention grabbing thing,so one more surprise round. 2nd goblin gets murdered, then initiative.

More goblins and a Hobgoblin who was apparently Hobbys gay fiance. Puck summoned a spirit weapon in the form of Hobbys face and used it to bash the hobgoblin. We killed them all hooray!

Puck ran ahead and found some sort of spirit! A wraith, tts a dwarf though rather than a goblin.

Looks like kordrid kind of? As we kill it, it screams that turns into a warm sigh of relief, the non-corporeal wraith begins to corporealize and turn into a corpse, sort of halfway between, he turns to us and says “Thank you for releasing my spirit finally after all these years” Still transitioning
Puck uses Spare the Dying to buy us some more time to talk to him.

Thaele: whats with the dagger
Kordrid: old dagger of mine, because it was magical when i was brought back i hid it behind that wall so it wouldnt be used against me. Only dwarves can use it

Ask about the pride
Tried burying it to get it away, but its dangerous, not meant for….(trailed off. Assume ‘mortals’?)

When asked about the gold,“Help me to stop the one from getting the pride, I will release the curse on my gold”

Hes very tired, disturbed, just wants to stop whoevers getting the pride
return it to the tomb please

“The one trying to get to the pride, it was his brother. "
“kings brother?”
‘no you fool, the Pride, it was an egg, an unhatched dragons egg’
“Delden, my king, his lands were plagued by an evil black dragon named Vola, she plagued the lands for hundreds of years. When he came to be king, it was his goal to stop Vola. He sent out an expedition to her Sanctuary on the volcano far to the east, got to the mouth, and eventually defeated her. In her sanctuary he discovered 4 unhatched eggs, 3 were immediately destroyed, but one was taken as a prize and marker of his greatest achievement, and named it his Pride.
One of the eggs however was hatched already, it went far to the north. Right now you must stop the brother of the pride from getting the egg, who knows what untold horrors he will unleash with it, we must stop it from being hatched. I put a powerful spell on it to keep it safe and to stop it from hatching, a spell that stopped time. (might be a spellbook around, says he doesnt know if its been preserved) Ancient magic was more powerful but less refined. The egg itself was frozen in time, but those even near the egg were also affected. The closer you are the slower time moves. You can not get close to it or you will stop.

Kordrid wants us to just stop the dragon and leave the spell in place.
Thaele points out that even if we left the egg alone, that the nearby university will never stop, and that Kordrid has to make a choice: Us or Them.

Kordrid sighs and says something to the effect of, “if you give me your word that you will protect the egg, i will tell you how to break the spell after you defeat the wyrmling, I know someone who can protect the egg afterward”

Puck,Gajin,and Thaele agree and make an oath. Al makes no such oath and just kind of leaves the conversation at that point.

Thaele:“any traps etc”

“yes, still many goblins inhabiting this place. When the brother came to retrieve the pride, he found that the ruins were full of goblins, so he killed many and cursed the rest until they finally submitted to his will. We were all unwilling servants”

Thaele asks, no passwords or codephrases

Puck finds 2 books! extremely well preserved. He ignored them, but Thaele checks them out.
One is an old recipe book, ancient dwarven recipes. Part of a kitchen.
2nd one is a ledger, plan for all the ancient dwarves, where they were gonna mine, work schedules and things.

both very valuable to historians.

Thaele takes them, surreptitiously, and then discreetly hides them away somewhere safe so that Gajin doesnt find them and ruin them, with plans to sell them and split the profit later.

Pile of goblin weapons and armor in the corner to inspect on the way out.

Puck finds a broom closet, tries to trick and coerce Zela into it. No worky. Zela runs to Gajin for some reason, apparently hes been nice to her?

Puck runs into the next room to jump on a bed.

Turns out there was a sleeping goblin in here. Puck jumped right on his face or something. Thaele crit missed and hit Puck. Many sads.
Goblin was killed before he could really do anything though.

More sleeping goblins

Gajin takes one out, Puck rushes in, jumps on the bed, swings from a Chandelier and lands on the last goblin, breaking the chandelier in the process.

Chandelier thats pretty damaged and in several pieces, Thaele put it with the other goblin armor

Thaele finds 1 goblin was hiding a pouch of 25 silver under his bed.

puck gets a pillow, Thaele cleans it for him with magic.

more doors and hallways
We finally come to the last room, open up the door and…

Undead skeletal wyrmling in the other corner of the room.

A giant dragon egg floating above a 3×3 hole/pit stopped in time.
There is chanting in draconic but so slow that we dont recognize it

Thus endeth the session

New Teammate!
Also Gajin totally stabbed Puck

New Player! Amanda/Al.

Al was hiding out in the ruins after a failed attempt at stealing an artifact from the University. She was just watching us for a while….

The KEYSTONE that we…obtained last session: Looks like tigers eye but fiery and red

We see two stone statues that have a hand out, palm up, and a door with a hole in it. Gajin approaches it and suddenly a voice from behind warns him to look for traps. The two argue a bit, Thaele is disconcerted that his Elf ears failed him by not hearing this apparent rogue. He and Puck stay back and watch the debate over checking or not checking for traps. Al finally wins and looks it over, finds nothing of note.

The three party members and the Rogue move forward a bit and see a room.

Dead Goblin, surrounded by spider webs, shiney things on table

And of course, with spiderwebs come…SPIDERS!
FITE! Puck is knocked out, poisoned, and paralyzed for an hour. Thaele mostly gets over his fear of spiders in that he manages to help kill them,but he keeps his distance while they are alive.
After the two spiders are dead, Puck needs some time to wake up and Gajin and Al need to patch themselves up, so SHORT REST. During the short rest, Thaele pulls out a flask and, with as much help from Mage Hand as possible, collects some spider venom.
He then performs detect magic ritual and inspects the room, finding a dead goblin that the spiders had been snacking on, a silver dagger and silver shortsword and a gold bar on the table.
He puts the gold bar in his bag and offers the dagger to Al and the sword to Gajin, but Gajin scoffs at the idea of using such a thing, so instead Thaele kept the dagger and offered the shortsword to Al, as well as the dead goblins own standard dagger.

Dagger and shortsword, made from silver. Decorative,but probably still good to fight with.
50 silver from goblin,

Puck woke up after being poisoned and paralyzed and unconscious and healed himself up. Thaele cleaned him off with Prestidigitation.
Move forward a bit.
Around a corner we see a hobgoblin directing zombie miners, and a rickety ladder bridge.
Gajin, Al, and Thaele each come up with a separate plan. Al goes with her plan, despite Thaele thinking they should use his, but it worked beautifully. Al managed to steal a pouch from the Hobgoblin and tie his shoes together without him noticing, and get back to the other side.

Once across, she tells the group of some gems. Gajin immediately goes up the ramp and hucks an axe. He misses. Puck cast some magic, but also missed.
Al lays down some ball bearings. Puck uses Sacred Flame to attack a zombie, and manages to turn it into a crawler. Thaele uses Minor Illusion to command the zombie to attack the Hobgoblin, by speaking in a hobgoblin voice in goblin language. It works!

Gajin climbs up a wall and awaits something to get to the other side of the ladder, since its all ranged at this point.

Puck uses Command to order the Hobgoblin to “approach”, which it attempts to do, nearly falling into the pit, but not quite. However at this point the Crawler that Thaele ordered to attack him, does just that. Because his shoes are tied, he falls into the pit!
Thiefyness and magic prevail! Teamwork! Except for Gajin who mostly just stood there for this fight.

Thaele then orders the zombie to go into the pit, which it does. We hear a splash when the two bodies hit the bottom, and assume that the towns oasis is now going to be tainted with zombie corpse, if it wasnt already.

Gajin runs forward…forgetting about the ballbearings.
Gajin somehow doesnt fall on his face. Gets to the other side to attack some zombies. Puck joins him. Gajin misses the zombie and stabs Puck! D=
The zombies do the same thing to each other, and fight each other while ignoring the rest of the group. After they are dead….

Gajin scoops up 5 gems. 2 rubies, 2 saphires, and an unrecognized gem

Zombies are goblins and all have marks on their arms

Pouch contains: 2nd orb! Looks the same as the first one

Puck requested a rest, and Gajin suggested camping out on the far end of the rickety bridge and removing the ladder so that nothing could get across. The group did so. After his trance, Thaele heard voices in the dark, hobgoblins saying “quitting time, lets head down” or something to that effect. Thaele managed to use Minor Illusion to speak in Hobgoblin voice well enough to buy the party enough time to complete their rest, but just barely. After the voice came back and said it was going to get the boss, Thaele woke up the party..

We climb up the ladder (except puck who jumped on gajin and then onto the edge)
Sneak our way forward a bit.
We see a goblin, presumably the one who was speaking earlier, on his way towards the next section of the mine.
Gajin jumps down and impales a goblin! Thaele uses minor illusion to distract the goblin giving gajin advantage. DEAD. Puck tries to stand on gajins shoulders (who is himself on the goblins shoulders) but he instead knocks everyone over.

Puck is squeamish about the body, Gajin doesnt care.

The group loots the corpse, and then…
Run into Prof Zela, who drags a body away upon Gajins request. She leaves it right by the door though so a lot of good that did.

Thaele: Half a healing potion (1d4+1) from the impaled goblin.
scroll in dwarvish: you are in charge of section B, make sure the miners work until midnight

We continue onward. Stirges! and some dead zombles and a dead goblin who isnt a zombie yet. Puck really hates stirges. The group kills them, with Thaele doing virtually nothing this time, but the stirges all die in the end.

More orders! Guard section D.

More gems.

A little ways ahead of that, the group sees zombie miners and another Hobgoblin.
Al starts off with a zombie. Thaele puts the hobgoblin to sleep. At this point Brail disconnects and doesnt know what happens next, but it ends with a level up!

Total Group Loot This session: 3 rubies, 2 sapphires, 2 peridots, 1 tigerseye, and 3 bluish gold nuggets unknown, 1 gold bar, 50 silver.

Level 3 achieved!

I totally believe in the Mayors Aid
Also the professor is a Tiefling?

While leaving the inn, see the guards carrying a goblin and a human corpse. The goblin tried to escape and killed a guard, and was then killed himself.
IT BECAME A ZOMBIE and killed two more guards! Right in front of us!

Failed Arcana check from Thaele
Successful Religion check from Puck!
On the inside of his wrist is a marking that is common for if you’ve either been blessed or cursed

Thaele recognized the mark, since he is a necromancer, as being the mark of another necromancer. They arnt specific to any particular wizard, just general curse marks that any old necromancer could use.

Thaele drew a rough copy of the mark to research later, to see if there is anything special about it that he has forgotten.

Thaele and Puck studied the water of the Oasis and determined that it was infected! Some sort of bacteria that was affecting the minds of the populace. The group vowed to boil all water before drinking it.
Head of the Uni walks by and asks if we’ve seen professor Zela. Prof Zela is the one who was so excited about the Mines being discovered and tried to run off immediately. It seems she is missing now…of course she ran off to the mines alone. She was supposed to be teaching a class right now. Gajin volunteers to teach the class, claiming expertise in the field of Elven Archaeology, but then he just stands there staring into space.

Thaele did a bit of minor shopping, sold a crossbow bought a couple little things, and then stopped by the Town Hall on the way to the ruins. Thaele told him about the water and asked if there were any kind of reward for clearing out the Mines. Assistant said something to the effect of, “Oh yeah I will totally tell everyone about the water, and we definitely have the mines taken care of, you dont need to go there at all for anything”
Mayors Assistant totally seemed like he was not evil at all and was definitely helpful and not a lying bitch. But Thaele completely believed him, and nobody else was there, so theres that!

Onward to the Ruins!

When we get there, fresh new footprints, and a horse outside!
We go in and we find…

Female tiefling professor named Zela is there, being attacked by…

Zombies! Exact same goblins we killed the other day, on their wrist is the same marking as before!

Zela insists on coming along, nearly walks to her death into the trap we set up,but we managed to stop her and explain to her how to get across safely. She then stops just after the trap to study the tomb.

The rest of us go downstairs behind the out of place tapestry.

Tracks that go up to the north out of sight, and a mining cart on top of the tracks.
Cart seems to work. We follow the tracks a bit on foot rather than riding the cart.

There is a room with broken floors, with deep pits into blackness. We could faintly hear running water at the bottom,but its a long drop.

Gajin gets in the minecart and SHOVES off! [nat20] SUPER FAST.Puck and Thaele try to jump into the minecart, but only Puck makes it, and even then only with Gajins help. Those two speed off into the darkness ahead, Puck with his torch still lit it seems. Thaele gets out some rope and a 10 foot pole and manages to acrobat his way across the tracks that lead over a gaping chasm,but hes pretty far behind the other two.

Gajin and Puck in the minecart go speeding down the path, and eventually get to the end of the track over another pit! They do some crazy epic jumping and rolling and such and land just fine. Gajin attacks a zombie on the way down and manages to kill it just fine. Meanwhile Thaele is walking slowly and stealthily up the tracks, on his way since he is moving slower he notices a bunch of zombies mining.

Thaele sees a Hobgoblin shoot a goblin with a crossbow, and just after that Puck emerges from a path that connected where the party had landed themselves. Gajin joins shortly after that. Thaele makes a shushing motion and uses minor illusion to show a hobgoblin and then points behind him..Puck gets it but Gajin attacks the illusion and shouts, which draws the attention of the actual Hobgoblin.

FITE! Thaele goes first and misses terribly, and is then shot with a bolt.
Gajin and Puck handle the Hobgoblin named Hobby just fine. They question him a bit, and he says…
Us:“Why did you kill that goblin?”

Him: “i had to , he took it from me i had to get it back” At this point Thaele goes to the goblin and inspects the corpse and finds a trinket.

why mining: “kodrid is making us. define alive. define zombie” hasnt even seen kordrid, just gotten orders. “we;ve been cursed, we have to obey our orders or we…” and he has the mark on his wrist
He then tells us the trinket is one of the keys used to open the gate to the lower levels? And that the other overseers have the other keys.

Puck puts his hands on Hobbys face and uses holy fire to melt the poor things face right off, and then Gajin decapitates it.


Shows Kordrid burying whosits pride. Its hidden underground,sitll dont know what the ‘pride’ is
End Session.

The Mayor is a jerk
Also we found a mirror

The group started out in a small desert trade town called Kordrid. It’s built around a small oasis, in what were Dwarven lands long ago, not too far from a volcano. A university was established in Kordrid to study the many nearby ruins, attracting many historians and archaeologists. Lately, three students have not returned. The mayor offered a reward for anyone who could bring them back.

The group went to the Mayor’s house but he was rude and impatient. Eventually, he did give the group some basic info. The students have been gone for two days. One day is common, but two is not—they’d probably be running low on supplies. They were good students, doing research on the three ruins scattered outside the town. They hadn’t found much yet. The Mayor told the group to talk to his assistant to discuss a reward or to go to the university for more info on the students.

The group chose to go to the university and spoke with the the head of the school, Mannie.
They learned that all 3 students were humans, top of their class, working on a dissertation on ancient mines supposedly buried beneath the ruins. They had studied two of the ruins already, and were working on a third below a sand dune due east. Mannie offered to help by scribbling a note to the item-shop owner, Diza. “Give this to Diza and he’ll give you whatever he can spare to help you rescue the students."

The group went to the item shop next. Diza, another human, greets them. When he read the note from Mannie, he gave the group three water skins and a potion of healing. He wished the group luck. They filled the water skins at the oasis and left town.

At the ruins, the group found tracks! Investigation checks revealed human footprints but also something unknown. The architecture was very ancient and crumbling, but clearly Dwarven. Murals and inscriptions covered the walls. Sand was everywhere, so they could barely see the floor.

To the right, they killed two dire rats and a cave rat that were chewing on a human corpse. The corpse had an arrow in its back… Next to the corpse was a journal. Cautiously, they opened it and read it. It was an historian’s journal that seems to belong to the corpse. The room they were in was a storage room with lots of broken pickaxes and shovels. A quick search yields them a working wheelbarrow that seems out of place among all the ancient, half-disintegrated tools.

The group took the mysterious arrow and the journal, wrote a description down of the corpse, and went into the next room. It was a large room with lots of spider webs and cobwebs. There was another corpse to the right, lying in front of a beautiful mirror. Above the mirror was a carving of a medusa and a Dwarven inscription that read: “If vanity be thy sin, thou shalt perish. If not, thou hast my blessing and my boon.” History check! Medusa was said to be so vain that the first time she caught her reflection in a mirror, she couldn’t look away, eventually starving to death. The group figured looking in the mirror would be…dangerous.

The fighter and mage walked through the room blindfolded, both tripping over the corpse and falling through the mirror! On the other side, they found a chest.

Inside the chest is a lot of disintegrated paper and scrolls, some of them looked like they were once valuable and ornate. There is also a giant ruby necklace.

Puck was charmed by the mirror and took 2 points of damage.
2nd corpse, still no ID, but another journal. Talks about a bunch of murals from a room we havnt gotten to.

Giant spiders!
Killed them. Turns out Thaele is afraid of them.
Puck nearly died.
Killed spiders, took a short rest, identified amulet somewhat, and did arcane recovery.

Traps! Pressure plates that caused blades to come out of slits in the walls and the floor. Pressure plates were covered by sand though. Puck used Thaumaturgy to cause minor tremors which shook most of the sand into the slits, showing the path more clearly. With Pucks keen eye the three were able to make it through.

Next room.

Kodrid the Keeper on a tomb in front of us, above us on the ceiling is written something about Kordin the King giving Kodrid something.

Tombs top is a bit crooked, not straight. With the help of his crowbar, Gajin is able to silently move the rather heavy top off the tomb.
It was empty.
Thaele had an idea and so checked for secret compartments!
1000g pieces hidden in the tomb but its cursed! We resealed the compartment and took mental note of it for later.

A little ways ahead, climb over some rocks…
goblins vs stirge!
Puck takes out the leader goblin in one hit. Gajin takes out a 2nd one likewise. Thaele puts the last goblin and the stirge into a magical sleep, which Puck takes advantage of. He walks up, touches them, and they burn to death.
LOOT: thaele Shortbow 6 arrows(5 on goblin1 from the students back), shortsword, 2 daggers, crossbow, 5 bolts. Puck: Shortbow 5 arrows

searching the goblins. Find a scroll on the leader, written in goblin.
Orders to defend the entrance to the mines from Kordrids tomb.

Tapestry! non-dwarven, long dark entrance into darkness into we cant see where. Prob into Kordrids mines, which are almost certainly full of goblins.

Tapestry is worth 2g.

The group didnt feel like they were in the best shape to go into a goblin filled mineshaft, so they pondered what to do in the meantime. Gajin had the idea of moving the mirror so that it would trap the goblins. Thaele had the idea of piling the corpses up in front of the mirror so that when it fell it wouldnt break, and to place it at the end of the trap instead of in front of the mines entrance.

They pile the students corpses up in the wheelburrow and start heading back to town.Goblin leader wakes up. Gajin tries to intimidate him but it didnt work. Puck used his Thaumaturgy to make his voice boom three times as loud, which got the little goblin to speak up.
Goblin leader very afraid. Whispers “kodrid” hes afraid of him. “We have to listen or he will kill us” or something to that effect

Back to town, assistant mayor, deliver corpses, everyones very sad, asking whats going on, they see the goblin prisoner. Mayor doesnt seem to care.

Assistant comes up and says, “what did you find” hears the explanation, gives us each 100g, takes the corpses out to the cemetary.

crowd disapates.

Professor wanted to go east to the ruins when he heard we found the entrance to the mines,but we barely convinced him to wait.

Guards took the goblin in,but as they didnt even know there were goblins around there was no bounty or anything,so no reward.

The group went to the inn, which is letting us stay for free as a thank you for our efforts, to ponder on what to do next.

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