Group Loot!

Undivvied, unsold, or otherwise still counted as “group loot” rather than indvidual player loot.

  1. A smallish chest or box, ornately carved, from Dwarven Ruins level 1. Originally held the Amulet of Appeal (unofficial name). Currently stashed away in the original room. Value unknown.
  2. 1 gold bar: 12 pounds, value of 600gp
  3. 2 peridots, 1 emerald
  4. 3 Rubies
  5. 2 Sapphires
  6. 4 Peridots
  7. 1 Tigers Eye
  8. 1 Emerald
  9. 3 bluish gold nuggets, unknown classification
    All gem values currently unknown.

Other valuable loot:
Gajin-Amulet,value unknown, goes with mirror.
Trap- Mirror. Look into moving it with us maybe? Weight and value unknown, goes with Amulet.
Al-Silver Shortsword Value of at least 110gp due to silvered weapon status, possibly more as it is ornate
Thaele- Silver Dagger Value of at least 102gp due to silvered weapon status, possibly more as it is ornate

Ancient Recipe Book and Ancient Work Ledger: Value unknown, but probably valuable to historians.

Magic, intricately crafted Dagger. Only useable by a dwarf, as it burns anyone else who touches it. Specific qualities unknown. Currently resides in a leather scroll tube held by Thaele.

25 silver found from one of the hobgoblins.

Group Loot!

We forgot about the blankets Brail